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Omega Rehab and Sport has emerged as a leader in Chiropractic in Thousand Oaks CA and Physical Therapy in Thousand Oaks CA. Our multidisciplinary team approach sets us apart as one of the few comprehensive physical rehabilitation and enhancement of human performance centers that utilize the expertise of Doctors of Chiropractic and Licensed Physical Therapists.

Whether your goal is sport, work, or quality of life, we get YOU back at the top of your game as FAST and STRONG as possible! PRO-athletes need to get back in the game fast. So do YOU!

What To Expect

The success of our clients is a function of the care and dedication provided by the physical therapists and chiropractors at Omega Rehab & Sport. We use a combined strategy of education on improving healthy behaviors, manual therapies (including but not limited to soft-tissue and joint mobilization/manipulation and assisted stretching) and active-based (therapeutic exercises and self-care activities) approach. This Active-Care model engages the injured individual in their own rehabilitation process from the very beginning. This active involvement ensures that the patient understands their condition, how it came about and how to manage it effectively on their own AND how to prevent it from becoming a problem in the future.

The Active-Care model is adapted from an Athletic Training Room Model and uses athletic rehabilitation protocols for athletes and non-athletes alike. Early intervention and emphasis on functional restoration is the focus at Omega Rehab & Sport. This model is known to return the client back to health quickly and to minimize downtime, thus allowing our clients to get back to doing what they love to do best. Additionally, the emphasis on self-care motivates the client to be more accountable to their own needs.

Omega Rehab & Sport provides exceptional care with a wide variety of treatments including various professional disciplines such as McKenzie, Maitland, and Mulligan Techniques, ART & Graston Techniques, MedX Lumbar and Cervical Rehabilitation machines designed to strengthening the spinal stabilizers, a Weight Gym with Free Weights & Machines, and Pilates utilizing both Reformer, Chair, and Mat exercises.

When you combine our expert care with a warm, friendly, and fun atmosphere, we consistently exceed our client’s expectations resulting in a happy and healthy client.


Omega Rehab & Sport was founded in 2003 when clinicians from different disciplines made the decision to combine the two specialties of physical therapy and chiropractic so the people of the Conejo Valley could have the most diversified options for their care. This model is similar to professional athletics in that a team of clinicians are available to help you with any musculo-skeletal condition and they work together to develop strategies which help keep you feeling better well into the future.


Welcome to Omega Rehab & Sport, located in Thousand Oaks. As licensed Physical Therapy and Chiropractic are two of the most important healthcare professions, Omega Rehab & Sport is one of the few Southern California clinics to fully integrate both, providing effective treatment for people suffering from painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Omega Rehab & Sport has emerged as a leader in Physical Therapy & Chiropractic for Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and the surrounding Conejo Valley communities.

As a client of Omega Rehab & Sport, you will have access to a team of experts who provide a wide range of Performance Enhancement disciplines: physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, massage therapy, and the Conejo Valley's only athlete deficiency detection system.

Our team is dedicated to helping you get back at the top of your game. Let Omega Rehab & Sport design the fastest, most effective rehab and performance enhancement program for you.

We look forward to meeting you. Walk-ins are welcome or call (805) 230-1199.







Combining hands-on and active-based approach for optimal success, the PTs at Omega Rehab & Sport engage the injured individual in their own rehab process from the very beginning. This active involvement ensures that the client understands their condition, how to manage it effectively on their own, AND how to eliminate reoccurrences in the future.

Our highly skilled massage therapists provide massages that will have long-term benefits, not just serve as a Band-Aid to their ailments. Our exceptional therapists have seen the amazing changes massage can make and want to share them with you. They will customize a plan that will truly benefit your health.

Low Rate of $79

  • Healthy Spine Check-Up plus necessary adjustments per month
  • Bi-annual Healthy Spine Physical
  • 15% discount on all cash services & product: includes massages, personal training sessions, nutritional supplements and therapeutic products.

Chiropractic care unique to Omega Rehab & Sport and developed from the treatment of athletes, the ChiroActive™ Method emphasizes the clients’ participation in their own care using therapeutic exercise, self-care strategies and improved awareness of healthy behaviors.

The ChiroActive™ Method ensures shorter treatment duration and sustained improvement in function.

Proven effective for treatment of multiple types of spinal conditions and injuries; MedX is specifically designed to test lumbar & cervical stabilization muscle. It is also used to isolate & strengthen these muscles based on objective data. Omega has both the Cervical and Lumbar machines on site.

  • Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing For New-Hire Candidates
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Fit-for-Duty Evaluations
  • Upper Quadrant/Carpal Tunnel Testing
  • Work Conditioning To Return to Work
  • Digital X-ray Diagnostics
  • Injury Prevention
  • Athletic Training
  • Manual Therapies
    • Graston Technique
    • ART Active Release Technique
    • 3D Motion Capture Analysis
    • Optimal Fat Burn VO2
    • RMR Personal Metabolic Test
    • Body Composition
    • Corrective Exercise Training
    • Healthy Spine Program
    • Athletic VIP
    • Monthly Gym Membership