Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Thousand Oaks CA Firefighter Testimonials

"The clinicians at Omega Rehab & Sport show care and compassion, with a blend of committed professionalism."

- Cory and Tia Rose R., Firefighters

"The physical therapy on my shoulder is working to hopefully enable me to avoid major shoulder replacement surgery. The physical training I am receiving is working to improve my stability in overcoming my leg nerve damage - even my friends are noticing the improvement! I thank all of your people for their kindness and dedication to help."

- Robert L.

"Dr. K and his team are simply the best. He does not rely on merely spinal adjustments to correct an issue. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology is amazing and utilizes multiple methods to solve your problem. He teaches self-care, exercise, and stretching to complement what he and his team do at their facility."

- Brian S.

"The staff at Omega is really great. They are professional and knowledgeable. They all work together to help educate and assist in the recovery and healing process. The team at Omega definitely knows what teamwork is about to benefit their clients."

- Krista C.

"I have been coming to Omega for about 6 weeks following back surgery and have been extremely pleased with every aspect of my experience. Anne, Cody, and Andrea as well as every other employee have been so welcoming and friendly, and attentive to my specific needs. I feel much stronger and my flexibility is increasing these are two of my stated goals for my physical therapy needs. I spoke highly of the Omega office and staff to my surgeon during an update appointment yesterday. Thank you to everyone at Omega!"

- Carol H.

"Everyone who works at Omega is friendly & shows genuine care and concern for their patients. I would definitely recommend Omega to those who need Physical Therapy!"

- Joan S.

"Physical therapy isn’t easy. No one said it would be, but the staff has been wonderful and diligent with my progress. They communicate very well and understand my limitations and how to work through them. I’m treated with kindness whenever I am there."

- Angela C.

"Dr. K is a great Chiropractor. He is warm, professional, and a true expert. He is a very different kind of Chiropractor. He doesn't only crack your back. He utilizes many different ways to treat patients. Can't say enough good things about his practice."

- Katherine S.

"Every team member at Omega are caring professional. They really know their stuff. Their care and knowledge about what they do have helped me stay upright and moving since 2008!!!"

- Lynn H.

"I have been very pleased with the services offered by everyone at Omega (Ann, Andrea, Cory, Christian, and Devin). They are skilled and compassionate, working for the benefit of each client. I unequivocally recommend them."

- Lori H.

"Ann is great!"

- Steven D.

"I benefited from my work there and felt improvement in my knees I'd like to thank the staff for the work they put in."

- Greogory R.

"Love Dr. Nori"

- Jessica N.

"My experience was great, little by little regaining my strength in my right leg, I am no longer using my walker and on my 8th and 9th visit, I was able to walk upstairs and downstairs. I am thankful to God for using all the team that was involved in my therapy. Thanks!!"

- Graciela B.

"Thank you guys for all your help!"

- Michael G.

"I love this place! Omega Rehab has knowledgeable and helpful physical therapists and staff. They really know their stuff."

- Judith W.

"Great service Always smiling and instructive."

- Lynn N.

"Very professional and friendly staff."

- Shahida C.

"I’m receiving excellent physical therapy for my feet. The staff is very friendly, and attentive to my needs. I have recommended Omega to a couple of my friends."

- Suzanne C.

"Everyone was great and very friendly and patient!!"

- Lynn F.

"If you are in pain and you need help this is the place to go. Dr. K is a true healer and his entire staff is simply fantastic. Omega rehab is simply the best treatment facility around."

- Teresa C.

"Wonderful staff!"

- Joan S.

"I’ve been suffering with back for years after a failed back surgery and was not thrilled at the thought of physical therapy again. But the warmth and understanding of the staff have made it easy to start getting back into a routine that is safe for me to do. I highly recommend Omega."

- Mary W.

"Outstanding therapists and staff. They spend quality time on their patients ensuring progress and healing."

- Felicia R.

"I always receive excellent care from Dr. K and his team of Physical Therapists."

- Suzanne C.

"Excellent - Anne Andrea Christian all provide helpful knowledgeable serious attention in my therapy sessions. Difficult, since they are not able to provide less frequent follow-up sessions to monitor progress."

- David C.

"The staff is great!"

- Damion D.


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