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At Omega Rehab & Sport in Thousand Oaks, we believe that the Coaches of our community teams are a vital link to the success of our youth. Our multidisciplinary staff of clinicians is ready to assist you with the success of your program. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and the clinical experts to help your injured athlete return to play quickly and safely. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians includes a board-certified occupation medicine physician, physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, and athletic trainers. We accept all major PPO insurance plans and will work with the athlete to tailor their treatment to their specific sport.

Pre-Season Screening for Injury Prevention

We also provide pre-season screenings for the athletes to determine their risk of injury and to develop an Individualized Action Plan to minimize the risk during the season. Using the Functional Movement System screen ( ) we provide a “report card” of all the athletes to the coaches, parents and of course the players with respect to their balance, strength and flexibility and rate them as to the probability of injury. The Individualized Action Plan includes corrective exercises for the medium to low-risk athletes. We also recommend clinical care for those in the high-risk category along with corrective exercises. The screen has been validated through research and is used by collegiate and professional teams. Ask us how you can receive these services at no cost to you, the patients or the affiliated school or club.

On-Field Athletic Training Support

With our multidisciplinary team of doctors of chiropractic, physical therapists and athletic trainers we are also able to provide on-field athletic training and medical support. Depending on the sport and the season, we will have the ability to staff local home-games in the Conejo Valley. These services can also be provided with a nominal or no cost to the parents, coaches and affiliate school or club. Just ask us how. Contact us today to help you succeed!


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