7 Reasons Why You Should Require Pre-employment Testing in Thousand Oaks CA

7 Reasons Why You Should Require Preemployment Testing in Thousand Oaks CA

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Not only is hiring a new employee important to the future success of a company, it's also costly. In fact, an SHRM report found that hiring a single employee costs a company $4,129. This same report found it takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position.

For a company, this means it's critical to find the perfect employee for the job. Taking advantage of pre-employment testing in Thousand Oaks CA is a great way to do this.

Employment testing is an effective way to gauge a potential candidate's physical abilities along with their aptitude and weed out those who aren't a good fit for the position.

If you're considering implementing pre-employment tests but aren't sure if it's worth the time, keep reading. We're going over seven ways your company will benefit from screening candidates before offering them the job.

1. Increase Productivity

Employment screening tests are one of the best ways to determine if a candidate possesses the skills needed to properly fill a role. The great thing is that these tests can predict the most productive employees for a number of job types and industries.

Managers can easily determine what qualities a candidate must have in order to be successful in a given position. That's why there are a number of different tests available.

With employment testing, you have the ability to measure communication skills, basic math, and problem-solving ability. There's also a full range of physical testing available. This is extremely important when hiring for physically demanding jobs.

The end result is higher productivity across the entire department.

2. Higher Employee Retention in Thousand Oaks CA

Testing employees prior to hiring not only helps you find a person with the right skills, it also helps you find someone with the right personality. Hiring someone with the wrong temperament can hurt morale throughout a department and also result in the new employee feeling unhappy in the role.

When you pinpoint the right candidate, there's less chance of that person being let go for poor performance or quitting because the position isn't right for them.

If a position requires a high level of concentration and decision-making, you'll want to look for employees who rank well on aptitude tests. On the other hand, if a job is physically demanding, a candidate needs to prove they can handle the workload.

All this will help increase your retention rates, which saves your company time and money.

3. Streamline the Hiring Process

The hiring process can be exhausting. It can also put a strain on your HR and managerial staff.

For a single corporate job opening, 250 resumes get submitted. This makes it difficult for recruiters and managers to find the right candidate. However, employment testing can help streamline the process.

By requiring candidates to take tests early on in the process, you can weed out the ones who are sending their resume out to as many openings as possible.

This will allow you to filter out the candidates who are serious enough to take the test. It also shows you who to move forward with.

A good technique is to set a minimum score that candidates must reach in order to get interviewed. This cuts down on time spent responding to applicants and interviewing people who aren't a good fit for the job.

4. Pre-employment Testing is Objective

When you utilize pre-employment tests, you're getting objective feedback. This will allow you to predict a candidate's job performance and the way they'll fit into the company culture, without the need for an interview.

These tests are standardized, which means you can measure a wider range of skills along with personality traits. In addition, these tests can also help you assess things like leadership, initiative, honesty, and reliability. These are qualities you may not get a handle on during a face-to-face interview.

Even the perfect person for the position may have trouble in interviews. Testing gives you unbiased feedback on whether a person has what it takes to fill the role.

5. Lower Turnover Rates

Lowering your turnover rate benefits your entire organization in a number of ways. It can help improve employee morale and even help your business's reputation, which helps attract better candidates.

In addition, lower turnover rates help save money. Costs associated with training, recruitment and severance pay are all reduced when turnover is low.

The best way to reduce turnover is to ensure people are happy with their jobs. Being happy means having the confidence to get the job done right and a feeling of satisfaction from doing a job you like.

Employment tests place candidates who are more likely to remain satisfied with the role. This helps you build a solid foundation of dedicated employees across all departments.

6. Defensibility

It's important your company engage in an employment selection process that's legally compliant. In addition to helping find the perfect candidate for a position, preemployment tests also provide a legally defensible process.

Employment tests are regulated by federal guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure non-discriminatory practices.

Some people think this makes a company more vulnerable to legal action. However, testing can actually increase legal defensibility due to their objective nature.

7. Reduce the Chance of Injury

When it comes to jobs that require a certain level of physical ability, it's important you're sure the candidate can meet the requirements. This is especially important in dangerous work environments.

Requiring a physical test of a candidate's agility can prevent workplace injuries. It also helps determine if someone has the physical prowess to handle the day-to-day obligations of the position.

Reducing the risk of workplace injury benefits every employee and also protects you from workers' compensation lawsuits.

Opt for Pre-employment Testing and Find the Perfect Candidate Every Time

In today's competitive marketplace, it's important you staff your organization as effectively as possible.

As you can see by the points made above, requiring pre-employment testing benefits you and the employee. It will save you time, money, and help place a candidate who'll remain satisfied with their new position.

We offer a full range of occupational and industrial employment testing. Contact us to learn more.


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