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For occupational medicine in Thousand Oaks, we at Omega Rehab & Sport we are committed to providing solutions that reduce employer exposure and liability, reduce costs of claims, and return injured workers to health and productivity. We believe that the employee’s experience and ongoing clinical and administrative support are the most important factors conducive to successful outcomes for all parties concerned.It is also critical in maintaining a trusting relationship between the employee and the employer during this often challenging time.We work directly with the employer and the carrier to facilitate this environment.

Most importantly, our experienced staff of clinical experts and administrative support understands the needs of your employees and your business. Working as a team, the clinical and administrative staff at Omega Rehab & Sport is dedicated to returning your employees to work quickly, minimizing costs, and providing the timely communication your business needs.


Our occupational medicine services are unique in that we provide a multidisciplinary team of clinicians in an athletic training room setting, designed to initiate the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.Our early-intervention, functional-based, athletic approach ensures timely return to work thereby minimizing temporary and permanent disabilities and overall cost of treatment.

Our multidisciplinary team includes a board certified Occupational Medicine Physician (Sri Mummaneni, MD, MPH), doctor of chiropractic with Qualified Medical Evaluator status (Sevak Khodabakhshian, DC, QME), two physical therapists who specialize in functional rehabilitation, an Certified Athletic Trainer and a Massage Therapist.

We empower our patients with the education and tools to become stronger, more flexible, and attain greater awareness of their personal health risks every day. This not only reduces the risk of future injury, but it also fosters accountability on part of the patient’s own behaviors in and out of the workplace. This also significantly reduces the likelihood of a litigated claim in addition to the primary benefit of accelerating recovery.

Our prior experience has demonstrated reduction in temporary and permanent disabilities, the overall cost of care per claimant and the likelihood of future injuries for municipalities, corporations and school districts.


OMEGA Rehab & Sport’s multi-disciplinary health delivery system ensures your employees have immediate access to multiple levels of care under one umbrella – a convenient, cost-effective approach. From treatment of complex back injuries to simple sprains and strains, your employees will enjoy the benefits of expert, specialized care for their work-related injuries, while the organization remains in control of treatment, follow-up, and costs. Additionally, our early evaluation program allows our clinicians to intervene with employees even before a worker’s compensation claim occurs using our Occupational Testing Services. These services coalesce to reduce the workers’ compensation and health care costs while increasing productivity and profitability for your organization.


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