Back Pain Treatment in Thousand Oaks CA

Back Pain Treatment in Thousand Oaks CA

Chiropractic Thousand Oaks CA Back Pain Treatment

Spinal Adjustments in Thousand Oaks CA: One Part of Your Treatment Plan For Low Back Pain.

In two recent studies published in 2011 in the peer-reviewed scientific journals Spine and Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, researchers concluded that spinal adjustments were effective treatment for relieving low back pain by increasing activity of the lumbar multifidus muscles.  The deep low-back muscles, called multifidus muscles, are the primary stabilizers of the low-back and play an important role in the long-term health of the low-back.   Researchers in the Spine group concluded "Considering the emerging evidence of the role of the lumbar multifidus dysfunction in persistent/recurrent low-back pain, facilitation of lumbar multifidus recruitment (activation) may be an important aspect of the mechanism of the (beneficial) affect underlying spinal manipulation (adjustment treatment)."  The researchers of the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy concluded "Findings provide evidence that the clinical improvement after spinal manipulation (adjustment treatment) is associated with increased thickening of the lumbar multifidus during submaximal tasks."  As a practicing chiropractor, I see the benefits low-back pain sufferers realize from spinal adjustments.  We go a step further by introducing low-impact core exercises immediately following spinal adjustments to help effectively relieve low-back pain for a much longer time than would otherwise be experienced without core exercises.  The other factor that often comes into play with respect to effective treatment for back pain is flexibility; especially of the hip-flexors and hamstring muscles.  Gentle, low-risk stretches for these and other muscles round out the features of an effective back pain treatment protocol.  If  long term back pain relief you are looking for, a combination of adjustments, core exercises and proper stretches are necessary.  It's reaffirming to see that the research is validating what we have experienced all along.

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